We enable organisations to take a comprehensive holistic approach to achieving your equity diversity and inclusion ambitions by analysing systems, people and processes to identify the organisational elements. We then work with you to design evidence-based interventions to address the issues maintaining the inequity within your organisation.


We take academic research, identify the relevance for the EDI challenges individuals face and develop practical accessible training that gives participant the confidence and practical approaches they need to make a difference. All our training is tailored to your specific context. Importantly our training is designed to aid transfer back to the workplace – ensuring that our courses are not just one day wonders or ‘tick – box exercises.


Modern, theories of leadership demonstrate that leadership is not principally about specific qualities, characteristics and strengths but instead is as much about identity, relationships and group and organisational dynamics. Consequently psychology, behavioural and neuroscience need to form the basis of effective leadership development. Our leadership training takes a comprehensive, inclusive and systemic approach to Leadership development. We advise on both the hard and soft components of leadership development, tailored to fit your organisations unique context.