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About Us

We are a unique consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative, evidence based, individual, group and organisation wide interventions adapted for your specific context which will deliver your equality, diversity and inclusion aims. We can do this because we combine expertise in equalities, academic scholarship and a track record of using action orientated methodologies that enable you to make a difference.

Accurate analysis

Many organisations are committed to equality and will have followed through on this commitment with resources and initiatives, yet the results will be less than hoped for. Based on our deep understanding of the factors that sustain inequality we will work in partnership with you to identify and analyse these factors operating in your own context.

The science of organisational behaviour

A body of good quality organisational, psychological, and social research has developed. As scholars of this evidence we translate relevant research into the design of innovative, multi-level interventions which will move the dial forward on equality diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive in approach